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Alexander Isaac

Hello, I'm Alexander Isaac

UI Designer. | Front-end Developer. | C# Programmer.


Alexander Isaac

Visual Designer. Front-end Developer. C# Programmer.


UX Design

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Hi, My name is Alexander Isaac. I am Passionate Programmer who is versed in many skills for modern web development.

I've worked with applications built on a number of different stacks, and I am familiar with many of the modern libraries used in web development.

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UI design and Rapid Prototyping

Every great idea needs a solid plan to bring it to fruition. I can help you plan the workflow and user interface that will lead to a project finished on time.

Detailed Wireframing

I believe in building your perfect vision. Collaboratively building detailed wireframe with annotations to build a foundation to elaborate into a perfect finished product.

Full Stack Development

I have extensive experience in building a project from the front-end to back-end development.

Clear code

I believe in leaving a comment trail so vast even the newest guy on duty would never complain about spaghetti in the code.

Responsive design

If your website isn't perfect on both a large PC screen and the smallest phone out there, then it isn't perfect. I can help with that using frameworks like Google Material and Bootstrap.


If I built it, I will maintain it until you no longer wish me to or you find someone better. No website should be left alone in the corner.

I'm currently available for freelance work.

I am Passionate Developer, and have experience in the arena of life.

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My education and experience.



I spent my undergraduate experience at the University of Texas at San Antonio gaining a BA in Psychology. I spent countless studying descriptive statistics, reseach methods, industrial organizational psychology and other specializations. I use this knowledge base to apply during the design process of applications.

University of Texas at San Antonio

G/Y 2014

Full Stack Developer

I spent three months in Pearland, Texas and spent roughly 1500 hours working on the entire framework. I owe everything I have today to them, and I hope to carry on that knowledge to the future.

Coder Camps

G/Y 2015


.Net Developer

I've worked on projects for over a thousand hours, and become proficient in the whole list of languages that live in the .Net framework. As part of that experience, I've been an intern to continue keeping my hands on new technology and continuing to solve problems.

Coder Camps


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